Monday, April 14, 2008

It's been an ages since the last time I blogged. After being scolded by Paoie and Aleen for causing internet traffic, finally I return to blogging arena.

Have you ever heard of KL International Marathon? Don't be surprise knowing a fat, slow @m|eN participated in marathon! (sound soo like Alwi the Bragger). Together with Speedo Winson, JonMar the Mythbuster, Reza The Clumsy Little Monkey and Jorrel The Lab Seeker, we together succeed to finish the 10km marathon. It was fun! But I took an hour and 10 minutes to finish the run. Still, I am proud of myself!

A lane provided for me.

Owh yeah.
That morning around 0545, Athan for Subuh Prayers heard from the Masjid Jamek. From Merdeka Square, me and Reza walked to the mosque, hoping that every steps with sincere heart to perform ibadah will be awarded with pahala. I was wearing shorts with thights inside whereas Reza wore a shorts that cover his knees. Our clothes were actually fine to be used for prayers and insyaAllah our prayers would be sah. Still, we hoped to get a kain pelekat from the mosque. However, it was frustrating when kain pelekat was not provided by the mosque.

It's fine for us to pray with shorts (as long as we covered our aurat). But living in Malaysia, praying like that is strange. And Malaysians hardly accept something unusual even though its not wrong. Come on, Malaysian Muslims. Don't give us that stares! I am a Muslim and I will do my best to do perform my responsibility as a Muslim.

Every incident comes with reason. I am grateful for experiencing this. At least it taught me not to be a typical Malaysian, ayte?


danial syafiq said...

typical malay? typical malaysian? i'm baffled.

danial syafiq said...

right i dont know what im talking about coz its already close to 2 in the morning and im sleepy

oh and btw welcome back to the blogosphere. and whats up with the skin? same as amiruls right?

muaz fav's maksu said...

its the same everywhere in Malaysia, men must wear pelikat to pray, women must wear telekung and stuff.. the typical Malays with the stereotype mind...

[gosh, i start sounding like a racist]

neway, welcome back, do change ur profile pic..doesnt look so good.


p/s: why not consider this point, perhaps u should be more prepared when u go out like, wear things that wont make the tok siak goes like "haih,lain macam aku tgk budak2 ni...semayang pakai seluar pendek.." u know, at least for the time being...while people like u can finally bring some change to the society...

Faizal Hamssin said...

welcome back to the blogging scene amin. haha. at least yr blog will no longer be a mere burden to the internet traffic.

alenn said...

hah. finally =)

yes yes. no stereotyping i agree. as long as we do it the right way.

well, traditions are one thing that we are connected to it.

anyway, cheers!

baloo026 said...

haha.mmg x salah pakai short tutup aurat time cubelah bersopan skit time smyg.nak menghadap Allah.outing bley pakai smart2.smayang nak simple2 xde la g smyg cam nak g date.xde la wajub pakai kain pendapat aku le.

F@t1N'z said...

ur pic is so...

u noe how i roll my eyes. HEHE

rADiCaL VicTiM said...

bukan semua keadaan mengizinkan kita berpakaian elok,kan?

bila keadaan x mengizinkan, kita kena ambil tindakan mengikut keperluan. asalkan x melanggar syariah.

& aku- said...

keadaan ini tak terjadi di negara Arab di mana AlQuran, Islam diturunkan dan bangsa ini yg menjadi pilihan.

kat sini,
nk solat, pakai apa pon, pakailah asalkan tutop aurat, berwudhuk.
di mana nk solat?
mana mana pon boleh, asalkan bersih.
atas jalan? tepi bas station, depan kedai runcit?
no hal..

kalau buat mcm ni kat msia, kena sound stret ah.

bila ditanya pak2 arab ni,
katanya, ini lah cara menunjukkan pada agama laen bahawa islam itu mudah utk dilaksanakan, Allah itu ada di mana mana, tidak memilih rupa, warna, hensem atau tidak.
Islam itu tidak sukar utk menjadi hidup kamu.

mgkin Islam di Malaysia harus mengubah persepsi telekung & kain pelikat.

tp x salah nk pkai kaen pelikat dan telekung ok! cuma jangan smp tak ada kaen pelikat dan telekung, x leh solat sudah lah..


anatiasyran said...

found ur blog!!haha not looking pn..
smyg pki short?boleh je as long as tak langgar syariat n tutup aurat..kami kat sini sume solat pki je ape yg kami tgh pki tu..sbab mmg tgh tutup aurat kn?btol x?so bleh je la solat..bwk satu sejadah nipis dlm beg n ble masok waktu n xsmpt balek solat je kt mane²..ade je org solat kt bwh pokok kt park..kt tepi bench..kt dlm train...mase dlm for sure i prefer to pray at home..lagi selesa..mane² pn bleh je lepas ni kalo xnk susah² cr kain pelikat kat masjid..seblom kluar tu pki pakaian yg btol² menutup aurat n xkn menimbulkan ragu² bhw aurat tu akan terbuka..ok? :D but im sure that u always do rite?

fiqss said...

in surau-s n masjids they of course provide telekung for women.

but kat tempat laki selalu ada kain pelikat provided ke? i didnt know that. hahaha

aliar0ney said...

yup2,ure ryte..sometimes ppl tend to judge based on the culture n not the syara'