Friday, May 16, 2008

Qui M'aime Me Suive

It's been a while since the last time I went to the cinema. Finally, last Saturday, I stepped into cinema again. Feel good! (since im a movie lover). Thanx to Afida, for organizing this trip. Owh yea btw, we (me, Afida, Mirul, Khairul, Ju Anne, Aggie, Kay, Zahra, Cammy and Ezriq) went to watch a movie entitled Qui M'aime Me Suive at GSC OU. Not to forget our lovely M. Oliver, Mme. Rocio and Mme. Melissa were also enjoyed the movie together with us (its a new experience to watch a movie in the cinema with your teachers tho~)

The movie was fun. I love the music. But its kinda contaminating our minds. There were A LOT of sex scenes. I repeat, A LOT!!! And it was not a simple sex scene. Homosexual was like something common. I do believe the movie is not lying. In fact, that's the real situation in France. Sex is accepted, and approved by every level of the society. But still, free sex is not enough for them. Perhaps to experience something new, having sex with same gender become the new trend. I still remember I screamed "owh shit!!" loudly in the cinema when suddenly a scene of gay kissing with "french" style appeared on the screen. Gosh~ I really cannot accept this. Thank God the screen was covered whenever there were a sex scene. But off course, there must be some of the audience felt frustrated. lol~

Sad to say that Islam is the second biggest religion in France. Sad to think about the faith of my Muslim's brothers and sisters in France. They are exposed with this mental attack. They have no choice but to be strong and fight all the mind attack and not be influenced. I agree with Afida. We are grateful to be born in Malaysia and free to practice Islamic life.

It is not impossible for Malaysia to be like France. It is not impossible for Malaysia to abandon hijab in university. Numbers of teenagers involved in free sex increase. Gays are happily enjoy their "exercise", and they even have a special place to meet each other like in club and near the lake. We are slowly approaching the line of Jahiliyyah. Are we going to let this happen?

Realize that I screamed "owh shit!!" in the cinema? shows that i am also influenced and attacked by our enemy. Astaghfirullah...


Ibnu Zhaki said...

All the tests and tribulations are there to test men's faith and at-taqwa. The higher the level of your faith, the greater tests would be there for you. Do not forget Him as He is always the closest one to you, even closer than your vein. Insh a ALLAH together we build our strength according to the teachings of Quran and Sunnah. May this journey to the hereafter bestowed by ALLAH s.w.t.

Erm, should we always watch inappropriate movies? We need to rethink about this matter.

Okay Amin, be steadfast in your faith in ALLAH s.w.t.

hukamaque said...

agreed with ikhwan.

Ahmad Syafiq said...

I also agree with Ikhwan.

Sometimes, Amin, when we watch movies that we never watched before, we would never know what the actual content is until we watch it. I experienced it before, so ya. When we only realised that the movie is quite inappropriate to watch, then we won't watch it again the next time.

So.. be careful. It's hard to find movies without any porn-related materials inserted in it nowadays.

Ahmad Syafiq said...

Oh ya, to add some things.

In a sense, this movie really tries to tell us something about the reality. Something really important that we ignored in our daily lives.

Issues of free sex and homosexuality. And also the issue that the Muslims in France were facing discrimination even though Islam is the 2nd biggest religion in France. Good point there.

CXXVII said...

Oh la la, j'aime les films de Français. Weeeee......(p/s: allons-y, il y a beaucoup des films qui nous ne regardons pas)^^

aliar0ney said...

glu're rite..mereka kat sane terdedah kepada perkara2 mcm ni...n tu satu ujian bagi diorg..ujian yg akn menjadikan mereka lebih kuat dan kalis ngn perkara2 mcm ni kl mempunyai fikrah yg lurus...smoga kita terpelihara drpd tipu daya syaitan laknatullah,aminn

rADiCaL VicTiM said...

to Alia, insyaAllah... akan kita sama2 beruasaha untuk menguatkan iman.
saling bantu membantu, yea?

Amirul, je voudrais... mais, ahmad syafiq vas ne donner pas le permission a nous. haha!!!

aliar0ney said...

yep2,saling membantu...tepat skali...terbaik!..insyaAllah..n at the same time kite timba ilmu pengetahuan spy lagi bnyk yg blh di kongsi...=)

fiqss said...

mengapakah korg pergi tgk cte tu in the first place?=.='
(just wondering..hehe)

nway...i just found out abt the gays n bapoks in malaysia have dis sum sort of a "meeting or gathering" place. EWWWW!!

whats the islamic governing body that should monitor all this disgraceful acts huh? this is just sad.

there are signs, but insyaAllah we wont be like france.. huhu.

Anonymous said...

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