Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ungrateful Creature


I wanna shout to all Malaysian's ears, holding healer and microphone with home theatre turned on and turn the volume to the highest so that these people get possibility of 31.28% to become deaf. Serve u ryte, people. People who jz know how to blame on petronas and talking nonsense.

*sigh... emotionally unstable, the feeling of reading people's comment and their voices blaming on petronas is soo annoying. Lemme ask u some questions. Whoever feel like answering, plz be welcome to answer it under my comment.

1. We nearly owed the World Bank during economic crisis. Thank God we did it, handled the crisis in our 'own way'. But what was actually OUR WAY? Where did Malaysia got money to handle the economic crisis in 1998?
2. Journey to the northern and southern became easier. Where did Malaysia got money to built the PLUS highway?
3. Where does government get the money to give subsidies to the fellow Malaysian?
4. Thank God we are all in school. At least compared to the last 20 years, our schools became much better. Where did the money to built all these education facilities came from?
5. Waaahhhh!!! During 2007 budget, the allowance for JPA and MARA scholarship holders increased. Last week, when people kept talking about 3F problems, MARA scholars in Egypt happily received a news of allowance increment. Yea, the increment is only 90%. Not really much, ayte?
6. Are we proud of Putrajaya? Are the building beautiful? How's the scenery? Where they got the money to built it?

More questions might be too bothering. Just answer those questions. The next post will be the follow up.



CXXVII said...

hidup PETRONAS..

one_munawwarah said...

i dont really got the point. WHO was commenting WHAT?

danial syafiq said...

holding healer

future reminder: it's hailer, that thing teachers like to use during assembly to 'discipline' students.

Faizal Hamssin said...

these people should get out of their state of small-mindedness to understand that money doesn't fall straight from Heaven. they should be aware of the fact that petronas has been such a backbone in ensuring the country's relative economic prosperity. mara n jpa scholars have already got their increments, but we petronas scholars are still having our allowances staying at a dormant pace. there is not a single increment to cushion the effects of the escalating cost of living. petronas doesn't even have the means to increase its scholars' allowances. the 'real profit' (profit minus money needed to finance the company's expansion for its perpetual success for the sake of the future generations) are all going to the government, yet some still think that petronas is 'stealing' the nation of its resources. grow up please!

rADiCaL VicTiM said...

ika, the idea is EVERYONE can COMMENT.


hehe....relax need to be dat `scary' nk pikir omputih..ko pn da bg green light..haha..

sume org ade opinion beza2....ade kate A..ade kate B..ade kate C..smpai la Z dan selebihnyer....well none of the questions u asked that i can really jawab ar....coz im a little (well..a lot) of not very aware of these past issues..but yg ramai org ckp petronas mcm2 tuh aku tau aku.....kalu kite xde kat tempat org tuh..xyah le nk ckp byk..cube try test duk jd ceo petronas uruskan skit....(sape2 yg ckp mcm2 kat petronas aa..)..biase aa..human do love to say things to others..satu mende kite wat xtentu akan puaskan ati smua org...what matters most...bersangka baik lar coz sgt dituntut dalam islam..~ni baru harga minyak naik......bkn aku nk ckp harga minyak naik xde efek kat aku..but..have to bear with it lah..kan..?xkan la kerajaan tu nk wat mende xelok kat rakyat negara dier...kan..?kalu rakyat lumpuh..negara pn abis lar....tu m'sia..bile ade stat masalah skit...duk point org je aku ckp td.bersangka baik la....t'utamanya pd org yg berbuat buruk pada dirimu...~

Rasulullah tu lg lar....Baginda siap kne lempar ngan najis lg..mcm2 khianat org wat..kan..?cube org baling taik kat kite...cmane..?ele..bohong la xmarah..aku pn marah gak..silap2 ade org mkn penampor.. =P..haha..saje tulis pnjang2..xnak marakkan api yg ade..(kalo ade..)...~

salam perpaduan..~

rADiCaL VicTiM said...

yup. btol tuh, ah soon..

mmg kene berprasangka baik.
tp everything has limit.

aku stuju dgn pe yg ko ckp.
salam perpaduan! =)

one_munawwarah said...

guess it's the price we have to pay, it's a free country.

u got to say what u want so do others, so...u just have to bear listening, just like others have to listen to what u have to say.

afida_finally_can_comment said...

tinggal kita je nak pastikan PETRONAS tu milik rakyat... no matter how exploitative the government is or anyone who tries to take over the so-called government's main coffer...

anyway.. setuju ngan faizal... duit allowance still cam gitu je.. harap2x kat overseas nanti dpt lagi byk ..kk.. salam bermocking exam..