Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mock Candidate's Post.

It happens to be awarded a thoughts, then only I will return to blogosphere~

Ok. Straight to the point. I was doing some private stuff in the late of morning and suddenly appears in my mind about the political and education thingy. You might think I always blog about politics, ayte? *sigh Don't know how on Earth my mind can easily get attracted and having a thought about this dirty stuff. Well yea, it is not dirty actually. Politics is part of Islam (nothing in this world is separated from Islam. Just that the enemy of Islam makes it separated, and the Muslims happen to just accept their propaganda).

Due to propaganda, Muslims do not understand what is Islam.

Ok. This is my thought. I am getting worried about the future of our generation. Looking at our political status, there is a possibility for the Big Men (direct translation from orang-orang besar. lol~ ) to use education as their political issue. Let us see.. The MIC has already comes out with step of increasing standard of Tamil School and gives more benefits to them. Yea, it is good for our friends, the Indian. But why now? Shouldn't it be implemented years ago?

For many reasons, I think that our generation cannot fully rely on the shoulder of the oldies. Perhaps they had bring construction of high buildings and beautiful blocks, but they forget to provide a strong base on our generation. Thus, we should have our Kesatuan Pelajar.

What is the function then?
  • Not like Barisan Nasional nor Pakatan Rakyat, Kesatuan Pelajar is an organisation without external influence. It holds on the same ideology and move as unity.
  • Free from political influence.
  • Act as the voice of teenagers, especially students. A medium for students to voice out their opinions.
Who will lead the Kesatuan Pelajar?
  • Student leaders from IPTA (perhaps the YDP of each institutions).
  • Student leaders from IPTS
  • Student leaders from abroad.
Oppsss...!!!!! My thoughts is too much! Against the AUKU!!! Thanx to Anwar Ibrahim for implementing AUKU. Now we can just sit on our bench in the class and be the victim of the old generation's drama. *sigh

OK. Back to work. Mock exam is mocking!!!



hoho...bro..u do love to write all these stuff lor...hehe..xpe2..keep on writing...i luv to read...hahah...aku windu korang doe..aku sorg je pirates kat cni lor....uaaaa..~

one_munawwarah said...

#1-if it is FREE FROM POLITICAL INFLUENCE - its not against AUKU, duhhh~

#2-do u know, once u're studying abroad, u're no longer bound to AUKU,except that ur sponsors made it clear in the agreement, that u cant involve in politics.

#3-if u join@attend any activity related to political party that is "the ruling government", somehow u're not considered as involving in politics, [guess they should do some modifications to the clause], if u say cannot involve in politics, means both parties la kan..

the time will come, but rite now we just have bigger job than waitching & complaining of the sicko drama...

the society needs PEMULIHARAAN