Saturday, August 9, 2008

Daiseku Desu

Darn. I am back to blogosphere, and it is during mock exam! Well, can't help it when I feel like blogging. Sory, mate~

Currenly trapped with the JDrama entitled Operation Love. About a guy named Kenzo, who falls in love with Rei. Sounds typical, ayte? The series starts with Kenzo stands in the wedding ceremony, looking at Rei as the bride who happens to get married with another guy. Both of them are childhood friends and close to each other. They loved each other without any of them knows about it. Kenzo is then given another opportunities to return to the past, with mission to get Rei's heart.

Enough with summary. What makes me so emotional with the story is the characters. lol~ It sounds stupid but I feel damn pathetic with this Kenzo dude. He looks cold, a bit slow, not romantic and not a perfect guy to be loved (at least not the type of guy who's chased by the girls). The Rei girl is the other way round. She is lovely, kind, cute and pretty. Guys would be melted to be with her I believe (at least I would. lol~). It is heart-touching when Rei loves Kenzo and accept him as himself, and not expecting Kenzo to be her prince charming (as she should has as a girl in her dream).

I don't point this out to encourage us to get a couple and involve in this monkey love thingy. We do aware that 'couple' is not encouraged and leads to misbehaviour. The point here is to accept people as him/herself and not expecting him/her to change for you. We might be friend with someone with thousands of reasons - good looking, wealth, educated, influenced, and the list goes on. Somehow we might see the bad side of him/her and reluctant to accept that. Perhaps some of us would try to create him/her to be someone else, and perhaps some of us would simply leave him/her. Why could not we accept anyone as their ownselves? I adore Rei. Somehow I hope to get someone like her (with wide smile~).

"Dirty women are for dirty men and dirty men for dirty women and clean women for clean men and clean women for clean women; they are free from what they are saying. For them is forgiveness and honorable provision"


one_munawwarah said...

Rollin On The Floor Laughing
as I may say..gegege... giler x bleh blah...sib baik bukan drama hindustan..hadei2..

"monkey love" - lg x bleh blah...

remind me of ur spm trial english essay, as pathetic as dis one liao.

bagus, didnt spoil by telling us d ending...balik neh kena tgk ni...

Yvonne said...

Amin...I love that drama!!!!!!!

Especially Kenzo... He's super hot!!!!!!

@m|eN said...

ello cik one, d drama is on 8tv and its only on sunday (thank God its not on weekdays).

hey, even a guy has the interest of watching this type of drama,k?
eventho violence and us cannot be separated. lol~

@m|eN said...

and Yvonne, i love Rei!

eventho she's not as cute as umemure (in My Boss My Hero) nor the Love Story in Harvard girl (couldt remember her name. Soo Inn perhaps?)

iR said...

what the hell?! umemura a.k.a aragaki yui compared to rei a.k.a masami nagasawa, masami jaoh lebih cute lar. Go watch dragon zakura, both of em are in the movie and check out who's more cute.

haha. kk, amin budak baik. xpyh la. flight off course.

danial syafiq said...

i didnt know what to comment actually. but somehow i find this sentence rather....incomprehensible?

"haha. kk, amin budak baik. xpyh la. flight off course."

whats that supposed to mean?

@m|eN said...

pau, honestly i miss dat part too.

n hey irfan, aragaki yui is still cuter!

nadia elaiza bt norisam said...

i've watched the whole series back in moscow..haha..if u want the whole series,i might be nice to hand it to u..hehe~

fiqss said...

u'll get a girl better than rei ;)

amin =)

@m|eN said...

thanx, fiqs..

n nadia, mark ur words! u gonna gimme d series, ayte?

nadia elaiza bt norisam said... thai noodle,mcd,kueh teaw pataya? hehe u offered those kan? heheh~

@m|eN said...

makannn je makcik nih.
i wil treat u sincerely,
so dat u will go back to ur second house happily ;-)