Friday, August 15, 2008

Post on the first day of HOLIDAY

Holiday started. yeah!!! rawks!!! I have a week holiday, which is just nice for me. A long break would not be good, because i know i will be in trouble for now knowing what to do at home. Well, be the last in the family requires me to stay at home alone if mak go to work. Ayah surely will be busy with his duty. This is what a son of responsible parents need to face. Hey, I believe I am rewarded for this sacrifice. After all, to gain reward from HIM is not that hard, right? No doubt that He is the Most Gracious.

"In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate"

Everyone was called by Mr Shaw after English paper last wednesday. The urgent call was to inform us the Southern Hemisphere Bound Petronas Scholars to attend an education fair at Nikko Hotel on Sunday, August 16. The objectives are:

1. To expose us with the Australian education
system, the courses offered by the respective university, the
university's facilities, university application, etc.

ii) For technical students, we would benefit and
enhance our knowledge by attending the relevant seminar ie Engineering
("The Pathway to Creative Innovation") at 3.30pm - 4.15pm.

iii) For non-technical students, we would benefit and
enhance our knowledge by attending the relevant seminar ie
International Business In A Changing World at 1.30pm to 2.15pm.

iv)To entitle waiver for university application fees.

iv)To establish networking with the relevant parties -
university, among students from different colleges, IDP.

Done with the objectives? Wish that all the objectives would be reached so that our time would not be wasted just like that. Some of us have to cancel the flight ticket just for the sake of attending the fair.

Hey, one more thing. Because of this edu fair, I cannot watch my weekly-jDrama. Feel like crying!! If I were a girl, tears would surely drop from my eyes. Hey hey, Nadia has promised me to give the series so that I will not cry due to sadness and emotionless. Thanx, mate! Looking forward for the other series too. *wink wink

When you are reading and it happens the speaker is turned on, I bet you can listen to a Japanese song. Yea, I am trapped with this song. Here I serve you the meaning of the song. Translated by a Japanese dude, this song entitled Ashita Hareru Kana (Will It Be Fine Tomorrow).

Shouting out for love, with hot tears streaming
Just where have those glorious days disappear to?
If it’s the same tomorrow, wandering on the streets,
There is no turning back from now on

Listening carefully to the voice of my heart
Just what would I probably say to myself?
Now, standing at the dirtied corner of the street,
Looking up in the sky, I will think to myself everytime

Loneliness and the troubles bestowed upon us from God
Just make us cry when we desire to
What will our fate be?
Should we just give up?
It is just like the never-ending magical wonders of the seasons

Oh baby. No, maybe.
Is there no ‘emotion’ without ‘love’?
Free to grieve about it,
For it is the consequence of society

Oh, baby. You’re maybe.
There is no ‘joy’ without ‘love’.
The feeling of happiness
Embrace it dearly one more time

For the sake of loving oneself on some days,
Recall on the beautiful memories that you have
For the life that has yet to unfold from the distant past
Exists to make that one dream of yours come true

Who will open the door to miracles?
Smile, just once more
Have you realized it yet?
The key (to the door) is already
On the palm of your hand

Why, baby? Oh, tell me.
Is there no ‘hate’ without ‘love’?
Free to foresee or not,
In order to protect oneself?

Oh, baby. You’re maybe.
It is not just a little game!!
This broken feeling
Overcome it one more chance

I talk to myself…

Oh, baby. No, maybe.
Is there no ‘emotion’ without ‘love’?
Free to grieve about it,
What is left will only be regret

Oh, baby. Smile, baby.
Life is not for eternity
To themselves, everyone in their heart
Whisper softly

“Will it be fine tomorrow…?”

Beneath the distant sky



Yvonne said...

U can get the Japanese drama of

I got most of my Japanese drama there... hehe

They have eng subtitles..

@m|eN said...

its on9, ayte?
ive tried once
d quality is not nice.
x puas la tgk... =(

nadia elaiza bt norisam said...

hehe since my name its in ur blog i feel very hm.. whats the word again? famous? appreciated? heheh..kay dont worry i'll hand it to u b4 i go promises k? ^_^

@m|eN said...

i always appreciate you, nadia...
yea sure, insyaAllah if u gotta chance to gimme.

2 weeks to go, ayte?
when is d exact date n time?

ibnu sina inamza said...


ade baju aussie wallabies erk???