Wednesday, November 19, 2008

B. R. A. G.

B eing
R ighteous
A nd
G lorious

I am so confuse. To think back of it, people desperate for being noticed. They want to be known as someone intelligent and excellent. And perhaps they figure out the easiest, fastest way to be reconized is by BRAGging. *sigh

Honestly, I am tired of listening people bragging. They compare themselves with their friends and hinting that they have studied more and they are more intelligent than his friend (note that "him" does not mean its a guy. "him" is just general). Perhaps its their intention to make people around them to feel low. In a way, they help the others to demotivate themselves. That is sooooo constructing. Thanx, peeps~

There are many ways to show that you are good, peeps. Go teach your friends, get good results, show good examples to the rest... Too much ways till I am not able to list it down here. Yes, it consumes more time to be noticed and to be recognized compared to bragging. But trust me, bragger. People would only recognise you as someone intelligent by brain but empty by heart. Honestly I am annoyed.

I am hypocrite. Stay away from me.


one_munawwarah said...

trust me, - ITS WORST when pessimist people are surrounding you.I mean like,ppl complaining things are freakin hard while they hadn't even try anything. It suffocates.

but i guess, bragger are just as suffocating.

~all the best,may u not be affected by all those braggers. i dont even think u would.

@m|eN said...

im so frustrating, ika.
in fact, i think i am a bit influence by this.
alhamdulillah im aware of it, but still...
somehow i jz came b4 i realizes bout it.
remind me to read diz post whenever i do dat freaking-anoying-yet-unacceptable attitude.

diz post is to remind myself...

one_munawwarah said...

whoa...means like, u brag? lols. [btw,when i said affected, i thought braggers make u feel a lil bit less confident.]

so, here's another reminder; "innaAllaha La Yuhibbu MukhtaarinFakhur..." maksud carik sendiri...

BRAGGING bukanlah sifat selayaknya bagi manusia.bersifatlah dengan sifat manusia.

wari said...

dude..first alwi, now this? gosh, i sure dant wanna be u! haha

anisawrus said...

yeaa.. agree with wari. afta fin read dis post, da first person dat popped up in my head is A.L.W.I.

haha. but dat was then. i dunno if he's still bragging bout himself tho. at least not with me. ;)