Tuesday, November 25, 2008

IB - The Journey With Memories

1641, approximately 2 hours to gather at the Sri KDU primary hall for the pseudo-graduation nyte. Tonight would be the night where I could meet every IB individuals - from students to teachers. After all, both students and teachers are my friends which I appreciate a lot. Conflicts, problems and troubles created through these 2 years had strengthen our bonds and built the maturity within ourselves. Thank you everyone.

Perhaps in the future, I am gonna miss;

Amirul's laughter
Siang's emotional expression while singing beside me in the house,
Pao's whining and complains,
Loud sounds from Khairul's speaker,
Aggie's smile and pose,
Kay's BIGS stuff (she big in everything,ok? no perversion is allowed here).
Fatin's driving obsession and her emo-yet-think-of-others self,
Aleen and her courage of claiming her comel-ness,
Aiman and her phylosophy,
and perhaps Jiha's profound sneeze,
not to forget the loudest speaker ever - no speaker can defeat Maryam's.
Owh, the girl who looks like a boy. You too, Ju Anne.
The most gentle guy in IB, Syed has always be nice to everyone.
The man who teaches me life. Ikhwan, you would be remembered.
Man of the joke and chib**, Chan Hu penfitnah is also on the list.
The fun of teasing and being teased by Lingges the fair,
Fayzal's one breath of speach, which Amirul is forced to listen to bit by bit.
Not to forget Zahra with her childish-ness and still claims that she's matured,
Afida the most macho and kind girl ever,
Also Apit the macho and the xtreme one,
and Yvonne, I would try my best to be as jobless as you. =P


I love Sue Ching's masterpiece (ur food is just awesome),
Nadiya Sahabat yang amat baik,
Sarah and her quietness (err.. only to me kot).
Mei Ling and her rapid image transformation within 2 years,
Sham's shuffle and hairstyle,
Andrew whos responsible for calling me as 'Sylar',
Winson the valeditorian,
Jon and his My-Konek-Cough theory,
and Reza's weirdness-yet-cannot-be-explained-why.
Ahmad Syafiq, please don't forget to bring your handkerchief,
Aaron, you are actually nice to be friend with.
Paul, would always remember your innocent look with dirty thoughts (i knew it man!) =P
Li Ying, don't be too nice please!
and Kim, always look honest while telling stories.

I am going to miss each and everyone of us. I wish everyone the best in our life. Not only for IB result (which would be coming on the evil date, 6th January 2009), but also for the future.
Keep in touch, babes.
This is soo gay, but I am gonna say this.......

Love you guys and do remember our friendship.


CXXVII said...

Lol, we had so much stories together. I'm going to miss u guys too

fiqss said...

awww. giler sweet(gay) amien! XD

@m|eN said...

amirul: yea, we gonna miss everyone back then.

n to fiqs: err... if this is called gay, yea i admit im gay (which means joyful) =)

Anonymous said...

'aiman n her philosophy'

haha.. bnyak la ko nye philosophy..

Senorita Adela said...

i don't have driving obsession anymore!

i have obsession for cars and hot drivers je now!! hahaha

yeah i'm gonna miss everything. just exactly everything.

and correction, SYED IS NOT NICE TO ME! so he's not nice to exactly everyone ok?