Sunday, January 4, 2009

Are They Alone?

I have few questions for you folks:

Are you hypocrites?
Do you have any dignity?
Do you any sense of morality?
Do you think that just because you guys update your facebook status showing some meaningless sympathy to Palestinians, or maybe even stand in the street for few minutes, you support Palestine?
Do you think that this is how reasonable, smart people face the enemy (Israel, the terrorist state)?

Don’t you think it is extremely hypocritical to show your friends that you guys care about humanity, when in reality all you do is indulging in vain talks. ...yeah I know, we pseudo-humans are expert in that! We talk but never act!!!

When are we going to act, WHEN?
We have been manipulated for so many years; and still many of us
do not even know it. Israel is a danger for humanity, and lobbies behind it are very powerful.
The question is why are they so powerful? The answer is pretty simple, MONEY, boy do they have it!
In this jungle that we call civilized world MONEY = POWER!!

So what do WE do? I am not asking you to go fight in Palestine, not even to give away your money. I know that some of you pretend to be able to go fight or send them money. BUT here is the most important question:
How can you give your life away, when in reality you can’t even give up drinking coke, or eating at the local MacDonald!!!

Look how they humiliate our solat

They succeed to be our first choice of meal in daily life

How???? TELL ME HOW???

Israeli lobbies make billion and billion of dollars a year, just because WE guys cannot give up a handful of their very known products (there are actually very good substitutes to any of these products)
Does it make sense to you?
Does it make sense to you to support these poor Palestinians, by financing their enemy???????
Oh my GOOOOOD, Does it make sense?

My Sisters, my brothers, I am supplicating you here, please, pleaaase do not be selfish, do not be greedy, do no let the love of few products control your mind, your soul. I implore your to please think before you act.
This is a serious matter, we shall start at our level, and we will see the benefit of this soon enough with God's will.
Currently sooo many people are working on this 'universal' boycott but before achieving this very noble goal,

this small note is aimed at two kinds of people:

1-The so-called religious people: people who are God conscious, who know that on the day of judgment they will have to face God, a day where every atom of good and bad deeds that you made will be shown to you.
And you will eventually be asked ,WHAT DID YOU DO FOR HUMANITY??
In this case I hope your answer won’t be: we have been financing the enemy of humanity, the oppressors, the terrorists... just because we had not control on our desires, and we couldn’t even give up drinking coke!

2- The so-called humanists: those who claim, that religion brings terror, and that only human values allow this world to survive. Those who say they love human-being regardless of their race or skin, those who say, they would be willing to help oppressed people wherever they are....

the list of products can be found at the link below:
And …

P/S: I received the note above through email and I wish to share it with you. Think about it. Your life, your own hereafter, your choice.


Ahmad Syafiq said...

Luckily I don't like fast food. And I don't like soft drinks either. And luckily I changed my mind about watching the movie Bedtime Stories.

@m|eN said...

What's wrong with Bedtime Stories? Mind to share?

Anonymous said...

frankly, have you started boycotting? i know that this is a blog post that you got from somewhere, but i found this kind of offensive if you yourself haven't started doing that...

personally, if you think boycotting will bring down Israel, it might not work considering the market share that they have and the fragile solidarity among Muslims(despite we are the biggest religion now)...

i think for the best.... do it thinking that you don't want to be another person who contribute the bullets responsible for the blood of our brothers and sisters.. don't do it expecting any change in their business.. cause they may be no change at all.. or they refuse to project that change.. eventually we will be the one giving up that for not having to see what we want to see..



@m|eN said...

for few months, i've stop drinking milo and my favourite Dutch Lady chocolate milk.

But Coke? McDonald's? not yet...

Well, frankly, I do consume those Jewish products. But try to avoid step by step, put an effort for long term's practice is not a crime, ryte?


مرضيا تي محمد جا ميلي ~ said...

thot u've had enuff of blogging.hehe.
anyways,actually the boycott campaign does have kinda big-but not so big impact to them.
They will at least fell the depressions out of it.
So, try to influence EACH muslim friends and relatives of ours to join and support the campaign so that they'll feel how much they are relying on us.Even more than we are.

Actually without us the consumers, they wont even have the MONEY.

So do we really concern about this issue?.


runescape money said...

I like your blog

@m|eN said...

what is it with "wow", atie?
nothing impressive...

in fact, it is very hard to boycott. i don't tell anyone i guess that i boycott their products, even to my close friends my family.
better i do 1st before i tell anyone i wanna do, ayte? ;)

do pray i am gonna be strong enough to resist their products. theirs are undeniably tasty, ryte?

m@LyQuE! said...

boycotting is not enough i'll say...they own "electronic money"~ they own major banks~!! from what i know, jews are also prohibited from taking riba'...but it applies among jews themselves only, not to other yeah, they're damn smart...i dunno whether boycotting McD's would make much of a difference~

m@LyQuE! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

fuck u all..
fuck this blogger!
go die, motherfucker!
u guys can`t even unite wit each other! boycotts?
u`ll think that will work?
ude ur brains arsehole,,, we give employments to millions of muslim!
its their choice to have a good source of incomes...
boycott us,, n we will still have trillions! u guys however,, will live in acountry wit full of useless job seekers!
think bout that!

@m|eN said...

hey hey,cool down man...

why are you going mad?
face it.if you can earn trillions, or even more...

you do not need us, the MUSLIMS to be the CONSUMER.
you can make your profit WITHOUT us.
so what bothers you?
what bothers you?
what bothers you?
what bothers you?
what bothers you?
what bothers you?


antaradua said...

If we don't boycott tell me what else we can do to help our brothers..? McD terang2 bg saham kat zionis and we muslims still supporting it. we have alternatives. We don't die if we boycott but our brothers will die if we don't. Please put yourself in their shoes.. are we strong enough to fight the zionist like our brothers do in Gaza?

Allahummansur ikhwanana fi Ghazzah
Allahummansur ikhwanana fi Ghazzah

Danial, June '08 said...

Anon claims to be an American, from his use of the pronoun "we". From what I've read, he wants us to think that an actual American is refuting against Amien's views. Here's what I really think he is.

First off, Anon's use of the expression "oi!". "oi" is not the typical expression one would hear from an Amercian. Maybe a slight "Hey", or they might leave the expression out entirely and cut straight to the point. Notice that Anon wrote "oi" instead of "oy", with an "i" instead of a "y". Malaysians tend to use the letter "i" in most words/sentences, for example, "hei". The substitution of "y" with an "i" is most common in the malay language , take the word "biCYCLE" and "baSIKAL".
One other thing, when we Malaysians face a situation where one needs to grab the attention of another, say a snatch-thief or a friend (I know, two extremes), whats the first word that comes to mind?

Exactly. "Oi!! Wrong way la!"

Secondly, the expletive "Go die, motherfucker". This would require abit of imagination, in order to make sense of my point. Imagine a famous celebrity, preferably American. I'll give a few, Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr. (Ironman), Keanu Reeves (The Matrix), Daniel Craig (James Bond)(Yes, he's a Brit, but his command of english is the more crucial factor). Choose an actor/celebrity that you can easily picture in your mind, one that you kinda know how he or she acts/walk/talk. Now imagine him/her saying, "Go die, motherfucker". Its kinda hard to picture it, but what I'm trying to get across is the absurdity of an American using such an expletive. It would be more likely that an American would say, "Screw you, motherfucker", or "Go to hell, Mother fucker". All in all, my point is, you would rarely or never hear an American say "Go die" with or without the motherfucker. Its bad syntax in itself. "Die, motherfucker!" is what you'll hear when the Bad guy tries so hard to kill the Good guy, but not "Go die, motherfucker".

I can go on about the sentence structure and other features but it'll just take forever. I'm just saying that it is easy to imagine a Malaysian writing this post instead of a true-blooded American.
I have a strong feeling that Anonnymous is not an American, more likely a Malaysian or someone who has been living in Malaysia for a long time.

Or maybe he's just an asshole :)

[Disclaimer notes: I am , in no way, degrading/insulting/bashing Malaysian people and their command of English because my english is not that good as well. In fact, you may find several grammatical/syntax mistakes in the post above, or in this very line. I am simply denouncing Malaysians who forget themselves and claim to be of a different citizenship. This trait/behaviour is truly demeaning to whoever that condones it. If you really want to share opinions, be yourself, and not an "American", because you will be misrepresenting the American side of the story and disowning yourself from your own roots.

Four words man, Bagai Kacang Lupakan Kulit.]

PS. Its 3.45am, I'm somewhat pissed and I'm brushing up whatever is left of my commentary skills. Everybody wins, Me, myself and Dr.Reid. Hahaha.

Danial, June '08 said...

Small typo error in my disclaimer notes.
I meant to say I'm NOT insulting Malaysians. left out the one keyword in my writing frenzy.

Ahmad Syafiq said...

Oh ya, Amin. I forgot to answer your question about Bedtime Stories. I read in the Net that the collections from this movie will be donated to the Israeli efforts in invading Gaza.

Sorry for the LATE LATE reply.

@m|eN said...

Dear antaradua,

couldn't agree more with you. kita x mampu nak angkat senjata mahupun baling batu di tanah Palestine, tp kita ada banyak cara untuk mempertahankan saudara2 kita dia sana. biar sekecil mana pun usaha kita, insyaAllah keikhlasan dan doa akan membawa kebaikan kepada semua.


Dear Danial,

Dr Reed's syntax is damn useful, ryte? too bad i got nothing from Shaw's 1y8m's classes, except for his 'ultimate 24 shopping list'. ;)


Dear Syafiq,

Thanx for the info. bout ur lateness, no biggie ;)

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nazeeratul afiqah said...

amien.u still eat mcD? i x mksudkn this statement bcz of the israel-palestin pnye's just that mcD damn mhl actually.u's not just abt supporting the also concerns abt our savings.ur savings.ur money...i mean..a single set from mcD reaches abt rm8.n ade yg reach rm 10,11,12.just for a single set!i mean..mhl gle.pdhal that one set ade i burger,fries n a glass of what..coke?come on..u're not that obsessed over those unhealthy food isn't it?plus,u can get other better n cheaper alternatives anywhere!im not talking rubbish u c..i haven't ate mcD since the moment i realized that it's just a waste of money n that i can get a variety of the same kind fr a cheaper price.but well, sume tu bergantung kt ur own just telling you how malaysians have wasted their money just to get mcD down their throats.i dun even find mcD as well as coke that irresistable.coke..selain menyumbang kpd israel..coke jugak sgtla x sdap.manis pahit??wth..baik mnum coffee.dua2 pn ade caffeine(btol ka eje..xtaw)'s all up to u.up to us.

coke x sdap.mcD mahai!

Ahmad Syafiq said...

I agree with saudari nazeeratul afiqah.
McD is quite expensive compared to other alternatives. Plus, it is very unhealthy.

@m|eN said...


amin dah x makan mc'd. ada gak nafsu hasut suruh makan. dulu slalu crave for the sundae icecream. sedap!
tp x sanggup nak makan, memikirkan saudara di palestine.
but hey, thanx a lot.
pe yg naie ckp memang btol.
sangat2 setuju =)

Anonymous said...

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