Monday, December 8, 2008

Simple Note from Manjung

I am home!!! Finally back to Manjung. I just feel like blogging and online. I drove all the way from a building called house to cyber cafe. My house does not internet, so the probability of my internet networking to be delayed is kinda high. No facebook, no friendster, no ym, no blogging. Sound interesting, ryte? Being free from IT, which also means i am independent =)

Talking about independent, I am just back from BTN. weee~
It sounds boring, right? "duh~ why shoud we go to btn when we are in holidays?" "I have learned history since form 1, not to mention my years with Kajian Tempatan" "I do not need BTN!" Frankly speaking, the BTN was awesome! It was very enjoyable! The input, the trainers, the accomodations, the food... They were all good! Too bad I cannot share the input here since we have agreed that the discussion content was secret. And too bad I am now at cyber cafe, have no pictures at all to be posted here.

Another interesting moment in BTN - our dorm got a surprised visit from nyet-nyet! We did not know what happened. The moment we came back from talk, our dorm looked a bit untidy. My bed was a bit unarranged. The best part was the nyet-nyet left its poops on the floor, in the middle between Amirul and Syed's bed =)

Do you know how not comfortable it is to online at cyber cafe and using Internet Explorer? Till here, pals.