Saturday, May 9, 2009


Some people judge the writer from their writing.

From A Corner To Vomit Thoughts, some reader might think the writer is a good person. To be specific, there are some people might think the writer of A Corner To Vommit Thoughts is a good Muslim.

This post is made to clearify this misunderstanding.

As the name of the blog itself, this blog is made to share the thoughts of the writer. It does not resemble the personality of the writer at all.

At the corner of the blog, the writer has clarify himself as a person who wants to be a better Muslim, which in a way describes himself as a normal person with goods and bads.

Please don't blame the writer if you feel frustrated after knowing the truth. In reality, the writer is not a respectful nor good person. He has no intention to seek attention from the readers to show that he is good.

This blog is only a place for the writer to share his thoughts, as somehow it helps the writer to remind himself.

Forgive the writer if you, the reader feel disappointed.


مرضيا تي محمد جا ميلي ~ said...

sabar ye mr writer.

manusia memang terlalu mudah menilai dan mengklasifikasikan seseorang

lantak lah diorang sume tu

acapviv said...

lumrah manusia la tu, encik amin..
bukan sume org suka kita, bukan sume org benci kita..
hopefully we become a better person with what we have wrote.. penilaian org tu kita x bley sekat..

Ahmad Syafiq said...

"You can fool all the people some of the time, you can fool some people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

Max J. Potter said...

hey. um. i just thought of something after reading your post.

like, we cant expect everyone to like us or to judge us the way we judge ourselves, because we judge people differently from who they really are jugak, sometimes.

keep writing, yeah?

one_munawwarah said...


but in another perspective, i think when people have expectations, it is the hard way to train one self to actually be a better person. of course in the beginning it would be for those expectations, but later one might just realise, it is for his/her own good, and what's the point of doing things for other human, and later start to channel their intention for the one and only, CREATOR.

yet, i dont like to have expectation on others cuZ it gives room for dissappointment. most of the time.

one_munawwarah said...

baru aku perasan dan dapat tangkap entry ni. blog ko ni sensasi sangat... previous post ade removed comments siap... ganas sangat ke comment tersebut?

btw, maybe ayat2 ko kot buat org2 ini rasa ko camtu (eh,bkn aku nak kata ko tak baik plak)-u know what i meant-

to anon itu, hidup bukan untuk menyukat pahala dan dosa, hidup untuk mengenal*

p/s: *blogger feveret aku mulakan entry nya dengan "hey" instead of "assalamualaikum" dan terpaksa hentikan tagline "awaluddin ma'rifatullah" sebab kena hentam, orang kata nak berlagak alim...orang kata syiah pun ada (apa punya manusia la...)

dunia oh dunia. nampaknya bukan kau saja yang kena. =)

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