Friday, April 10, 2009

1 Litre Of Tears


0344, Saturday morning - just done watching a JDrama entitled 1 Litre of Tears.

A true story based on the diary written by a girl named Aya Ikeuchi who suffered from a Spinocellar Atrophy disease.

Aya-nee's diary has been published in Japan and her writing touches people's heart. People starts to think of the purpose of their life. People starts to be strong and not giving up. People starts to be thankful. People starts to realize that there are many unfortunate people living gratefully with strentgh left within themselves.

And Aya-nee's story makes me think of how grateful I am to be born as a Muslim.

  • I have my purpose of living - to be a great slave of Allah.
  • I have a place to speak whenever I am in trouble - Allah would always listen to our voice.
  • I would always feel good when I am in trouble - as Allah would only tests his slaves with something able to be handled, and He would always by our side to guide us to the right path.
There is something - a question - left to be unanswered - freezing in my mind.

And I hope to find the answer.


مرضيا تي محمد جا ميلي ~ said...
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Anonymous said...

dah baca 'the last LECTURE'??

one_munawwarah said...

nice story yet i haven't seen it.
it's a tragedy of life, not having said what needed to be said, and not having done, what needed to be done.

live life, for tomorrow may never come.

p/s: and may you find what ever answer you're looking for. kalo x jmpe, sila ke kaunter pertanyaan.

Anonymous said...

urm...penah gak tgk citer ni...
time tu bru terfikir...klu Allah tarik balik nikmat yang die kasi...
bru kte sedar dan baru kte nk bersyukur...

Muhammad Irfan said...

uhm, movie die lg touching r. sbb xde adegan bercinta. hahaha!

@m|eN said...

to one,
Thanx for encouraging.
i am still looking for d answer.
to anonymous,
at least show urself. i wonder show who u r.

aku tgh nak mid-term. xleh foya2.

one_munawwarah said...

"to anonymous,
at least show urself. i wonder show who u r."

giler grammar...sory la, can't help but to point this..

btw. dont call me one-it's weird. erkh.

@m|eN said...

aku x pandai bahasa omputeh =P

zerozaku said...

dah tgk,mmg touching

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
@m|eN said...

to anonymous,

x pnah mention dlm blog nih yang aku nih sorang yang baik mahupun warak. you are free to give assumption, impression and opinion on me.

everything on this blog is my thoughts, as mentioned as the title of the blog itself. it does not resemble me as a person.

aku admit aku bukan orang yang baik.

my_gurl_008 said...

inspired by her story and how her family help her.... i' so proud of their family.... it is the first time that i cried in watching television.... but where's haruto now...???? wat happened to him when aya died...????

leonnuhj said...

Great Story, nothing compare.... and very inspiring.

chen said...

is aya-nee a muslim????does japan have muslim

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